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APEX Longevity Disclosure

Apex Longevity is not insurance, a Medicare prescription drug plan, health insurance policy or qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. Apex Longevity provides network-based discounts to plan members on chiropractic services and products offered by approved providers of the plan who have contractually agreed to participate as providers. The range of discounts for services and products offered by the provider(s) vary depending on the provider and products or services. Apex Longevity does not make and is prohibited from making member’s payments to providers for services or products received. All Apex Longevity members are required and obligated to pay for all discounted services and products received by their provider(s). Apex Longevity will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of providers and the location of each provider. You may call 877-712-2739 for more information or click here to access a list of providers relative to any location based on city, state or zip code. All Apex Longevity membership fees are disclosed within the member agreement. The member agreement explicitly states a 30-day cancellation provision that will be honored, so long as the membership has not been utilized to received discounted rates on services or products received by a provider.